Navigating the RP Twitterverse

Role play or RP is a form of collaborative storytelling that can be found on a variety of platforms including, but not limited to social media, blogs, forums and email. This page deals specifically with just one of them: Twitter. Whether you call it a microblogging site or a social network doesn’t really matter. Either way it is a wonderful and popular platform for RP. Many role players were first introduced to RP on or through Twitter while the brevity required can challenge even the most talented storytellers. The almost instantaneous nature of Twitter makes it ideal for conversations and just goofing around. If twitter has a shortcoming, it is that Twitter is primarily text-based although everything from photos to audio files can be attached to tweets which has greatly enhanced the immersive quality of the RP experience.

There are many types of RP families and characters active on Twitter. Most are identifiable by the fandom or ‘Verse (alternate universe) they follow. Some groups and individuals are Canon or not-quite-canon, while others are original. Canon means a group or character is sticking strictly to character/storylines from a book or TV series/film. Non-canon or original, means the characters and storylines go outside those parameters. It’s possible for both original and canon characters to change or cross universes. Although it’s rare there is a even a name for it: the multi-verse.

Canon groups have stricter rules, so before interacting check a person’s bio and group to determine how they are RPing. The non-canon groups have more flexible rules, but again, intruding uninvited beyond occasional conversation is generally frowned on.

Most groups have storylines or SLs, some of them quite complex, and stumbling through them, causing upheaval, is rude. That’s true whether it is your family or not. Complex SLs involving multiple members of a family or more than 2-3 people should always be run by group admins and as many of the people involved BEFORE they begin.  Please, give people time to review your proposed SL and respond, don’t just say this is  what we’re doing starting now.

If you want to do something that impacts a storyline, scripted or not, please, ask the people involved before you do it! And be patient. Some storylines take a long time to develop. and not everyone likes to be rushed into things. Please respect that. This is especially true of intimate encounters & godmodding. DO NOT try to force another character to do something just because you want to. That includes communicating with you in the timeline stream or in DMs. Many people do not respond when they are active in a storyline and sometimes getting to DMs is impossible for technical or because they are just busy.

All the members of a family are expected to follow all the other members even if they do not interact with them. As far as other RPers and fans, that is up to the individuals involved. Bear in mind that your timeline or stream will only show tweets from 1,000 followers, so if you follow more than 1,000 people, you are going to miss tweets. That’s why many popular RPers “live” in lists, mentions (@s) or DMs (Direct Messages).

Finally, try not to duplicate other people’s storylines, stir up conflict or do the impossible. Stick to the character you’ve created and the limits of their species, age, abilities and back story.

Ok, that’s it. Comments? Questions? Rotten tomatoes?

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