Guide to True Blood Role-Play Published

In Books, How To/Advice, Resources, RP, True Blood, Twitter on 26 June, 2011 at 2:40 pm

The Preternatural Post is pleased to announce that our very own vampire, @TB_PamR has written a book. Not just any book, mind, but a quick start guide to True Blood role-play (TBRP) on Twitter!

“The premiere of True Blood Season 4 will bring many new fans and truebies to Twitter,” Pam said. “I am looking forward to the fresh blood, however, I recall how I felt when Eric first called me here. I wish I’d had some of this information at my fingertips rather than having to learn it the hard way. Hopefully, my little literary exercise will be useful to existing RPers as well as newbies.”

Pam’s Twe-Guide to TBRP: Getting Started with True Blood Role-Play on Twitter is available as a .pdf file. The price is definitely right too: it’s FREE.

TBRP Guide

Twe-Guide to TBRP


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