What’s your dream game development project?

In Games on 20 June, 2011 at 6:38 pm

Every developer, and probably a good number of gamers, dreams of creating an amazing project. For whatever reason, many of those projects get put on hold. The Digital Innovation Gazette (DIG) is holding a Dream Development Project Contest to help developers and dreamers get those projects off the ground and moving.

DIG is an online publication covering the fields of digital artistry, computer game development, special effects, digital audio, computer graphics and related technologies. The online publication provides readers with information on the latest technological advances, tips on improving workflows and profiles of prolific artists. DIG is run by Studio One Networks, an internet content syndication pioneer.

To enter the competition, submit a dream development project online at before 10 July, 2011. User will be able t rate the ideas. The 15 dream projects that receive the highest ratings will be judged by DIG’s panel of industry experts who will narrow the lot to five grand prize winners. The winners of the Dream Development Project Contest will be announced on 25 July. Each winner will receive a brand new Intel Core i7-2600K processor worth more than $300.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer at work


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