Monster success: 50 million registered users

In Books, Games, Web Sites/Online on 10 June, 2011 at 7:48 am

Kids like monsters. No, really, they do. In fact, 50 million kids (and their parents) like monsters so much they are registered members of a new form of children’s entertainment: Moshi Monsters.

Moshi Monsters Group

A group of Moshi Monsters Copyright Mind Candy

Moshi Monsters, created by online gaming and entertainment company Mind Candy, live at The website is the heart of an experience combining adoptable pet monsters, safe social networking, games, stories, missions and educational puzzles.

The fun doesn’t stop there.

Following its online popularity, Moshi Monsters has launched related toys, books, video games, trading cards and even a Moshi magazine in the UK and Australia. American monster lovers will find books from Scholastic and trading cards from Topps already on shelves, while Moshi Monster toys will launch later this summer. Magazines, video games and other products will also be rolling out in the U.S. in coming months. Mind Candy is also working on music, live tours, a TV platform and a Moshi film, according to company insiders.

“We’re delighted to hit 50 million registered users and have even more ambitions plans ahead,” said Michael Acton Smith, CEO and creator of Moshi Monsters. “Our Vision is to Build the largest entertainment brand in the world for this new digital generation of kids.”

Registration is at is free for children ages 6 – 12. There is a monthly fee for parent memberships.

Once registered, player adopt a virtual pet monster to create, name and nurture. Once in the company of their pet monster, they can navigate around Monster City, taking the daily puzzle challenge, playing games, solving Super Moshi Missions, personalizing their room, reading stories, showing off artwork or just talking with friends in a safe environment.

Moshi Monster Map

Moshi Monster Map Copyright Mind Candy

  1. Moshi monsters has signed up more than 50million members since 2008 – that is HUGE! And growing at the rate of 1 signup per SECOND. Incredible! One out of every two children aged between 5 and 12 in the UK has a Moshi Monster account. Amazing!

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