‘True Blood’ season 4 sneak peek: Watch the first six minutes here! (via Inside TV)

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…and the books have left the building.

Entertainment Weekly’s Inside TV blog may think this is the best tease yet for the fourth season of HBO’s original series True Blood, but fans of the books by Charlaine Harris on which the series is ostensibly based are probably not going to agree. Certainly faeries play an important role in the novels, but Sookie never actually visits Faerie (at least she hasn’t by the end of Dead Reckoning). Further, Adele’s husband was named Mitchell Stackhouse, not Earl. (To be fair, Gary Cole, who portrays Earl has some superb credits among the preternatural film crowd including appearances in the Twilight Zone, American Gothic, the Outer Limits and the Babylon 5 spinoff, Crusade.)

True Blood role players may be a little more charitable, since the storyline being hinted at opens things up for more characters and locations. The challenge, of course will be keeping all those worlds cohesive, particularly if characters (original or canon) are going to be moving between them. Mixing mythos is always a challenge and it’s unclear from the brief clip whether Alan Ball and the True Blood screenwriters are well-versed enough in faerie lore to be up to the task. What do you think?

'True Blood' season 4 sneak peek: Watch the first six minutes here! In its best tease yet, HBO has released the first six minutes of True Blood’s June 26 season 4 premiere on and YouTube. Watch it below. We won’t ruin it for you. We’ll only say that the fairy storyline just became 10 times cooler. And yes, that’s Gary Cole as Sookie’s granddaddy Earl. Read more: Important PopWatch poll: Who should Sookie sleep with first in s … Read More

via Inside TV

  1. […] The first 6 minutes of Season 4 was the first topic of business and met with mixed reactions. The consensus seems to be that Alan Ball’s vision of Faerie is radically different from the one found in the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. Even the name of Sookie’s grandfather was changed, possibly signally the most significant departure the series has taken from its novel roots even as it steals lines from it. Casting seemed to raise some questions as well, both for Earl (Gary Cole) and Hallow (Fiona Shaw). […]

  2. Posts like this brighten up my day. Tahnks for taking the time.

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