Hurley’s Heroes are the real heroes for kids in Joplin

In Books on 26 May, 2011 at 8:19 pm

We interrupt the opening night of the Phoenix Comic Con to bring you this great article and a plea for help. Hundreds of kids in tornado struck Joplin, MO, are stuck in shelters with all that remains of their families and homes. Now, on top of being frightened and traumatized, they are also bored and in serious need of the comfort of their favorite literary characters.

Certainly all of us can empathize with the desire to forget troubles and lose ourselves in good books.

So can the folks over at Hurley’s Heroes Comics and Games. They have taken the hero part of their name to heart and stepped up to help local kids. Comics Alliance report the brothers Hurley are asking for donations of books, any and all kinds of books, for children of all ages.

Please, if your a publisher, author, artist or even just a fan, help a kid out and donate to this very important cause. Here’s your chance to be a super hero. How can you pass that up?


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