Twitter buys Tweetdeck

In Resources, Tools, Twitter on 25 May, 2011 at 12:45 pm

Twitter has purchased Tweetdeck.

The deal was apparently closed one Tuesday. 24 May, 2011. Official announcement on the Twitter and Tweetdeck company blogs were made Wednesday, 25 May.

Twitter considers the Tweetdeck acquisition an important one, explaining: “Tweetdeck provides publishers, marketers and others with a powerful platform to track all the real-time conversations they care about. In order to support this important constituency, we will continue to invest in the Tweetdeck that users know and love.”

Most media outlets are reporting that Tweetdeck came with a price tag of $40-50 million.

Tweetdeck indicates that the Tweetdeck team will remain in London having the same focus and products but with greater resources. For RPers relying on Tweetdeck, there may be room for some uncertainty, since the same blog states “The mainstream Twitter user-base is well catered for by and the official mobile clients. And by becoming part of the official platform, Tweetdeck will now fill that role for brands, influencers, the highly active and anyone that just needs ‘more power’.”

It remains to be seen whether role-players are represented on either  list.


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