A Love Disaster in the Making

In Uncategorized on 11 May, 2011 at 6:07 pm

It’s been reported that Jessica Hamby and Godric have been spending an awful lot of time alone, lately. Is there a romance developing here?

Godric, who is over two-thousand years Jessica’s senior, has taken in the baby Vamp after she and her Maker, Bill Compton, parted ways. This acceptance came as a shock to many in the Vampire community. But now things seem to be a little clearer as to why Godric was so welcoming.

They were spotted walking in to see “Scream 4” at a Dallas theater and a source said a young woman was spotted clutching his arm during a certain scary scene. This of course is mere speculation. But then again, the next evening, the couple were seen shopping together.

How cute is it when a woman begins to shape her man into what she wants?

What kind of things are happening in Silent Shores during those late hours behind closed doors?

One can only guess… and if we are correct, then Jessica seems to be one lucky Baby Vamp!

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  2. He’s so attractive with a pool of saliva pouring from his face.

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