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My Back Story (via @SassyJessOB)

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Jessica grew up in a god-fearing middle-class family in Louisiana who home schooled her. Her parents were devout Christians who stressed strict studies, good grades, and of course, faith in Jesus. Her father beat her with his belt for the smallest error in her chores or bad grades.

Her mother was either too stupid to notice or simply ignored the unpleasantness; an optimist to a fault. Her lifestyle was very repressed. Every privilege was earned through chores and/or her studies. No cell phone, no computer. She was allowed only to listen to Christian music. Her clothes were plain, old-fashioned hand-me-downs, usually always knee-length dresses. She was taught how to act and sit like a proper lady, and took up the clarinet.

Of course, being a seventeen year old, she was not completely blind to popular culture. Jessica listened to the different genres of music at school, talked with her friends about the latest events. One afternoon, when her friends suggested sneaking out to friend’s party, Jessica readily agreed. It was her first time doing something so wrong, and she knew how much she’d pay dearly for it if caught.

Jessica appears during a meeting of the ‘tribunal’- the Magister was passing his sentence onto Bill Compton. Unknown to her then, Bill had murdered another vampire, and was ordered to create another. Surrounded by vampires and the Magister, Bill bites and turns Jessica into a vampire.

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The Odd One Out (via @KatieMercerSC)

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I know this has been said many times before, but growing up, I always felt like the odd one out in my family.  My mother and father were both passionless people.  Their marriage, while not troubled, definitely seemed to lack a certain warmth that I’ve come to associate with love.  One would think that if either of my parents just got up and left one day, the other wouldn’t be too bothered by it.  Their dealings with other people  hold a similar cold tone.  I spent a significant portion of my childhood reassuring myself that my parents did indeed love my sister Faith and me.  That their type of affection wasn’t in kind words or hugs, but in dollar amounts.  Eventually I did come to realize that my parents loved and still love Faith and I, but in the only way they know how: with money.

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Growing Up Green (via @KatieMercerSC)

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My life was pretty typical for a rich kid growing up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  My sister Faith and I spent the school year away at boarding school and the summer at our vacation house in the Hamptons. Mom and Dad loved Faith and I as much as they could, seeing as Mom had her love affair with expensive gin and Dad was equally enamored with his job. That’s not to say I grew up emotionally neglected, because I didn’t. I just won’t be sharing warm and cozy memories with the folks anytime soon.

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Pinch me for I must be dreaming. (via @VampireBillC)

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These past few weeks have been an utter whirlwind, like the best kind of tornado blowing through my life, only instead of creating havoc and leaving behind devastation, it has brought validation and joy.

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Letting Go

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I never thought things would turn out as they had. Ever since I was little girl, I always wanted what I suspect most little girls wanted. To find a great man, marry, settle down, have a family, and grow old together. That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

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New Beginnings (via @PrinceKieran)

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He carries her from the pool whilst she falls asleep in his arm. The warmth of his body drying her enough to lay her in her bed. Looking down on her he recalls the previous evening, the way it started, the way it ended. So complex, so diverse, as it always is with her. He knows this is what he loves about her, her spirit, her ability to question him, to push him to his limits, then to be gentle, to make him feel that he is her whole world and that he is the only thing that matters.

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Gone (via @FaeKayley)

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Her fingers clinched the sheet of paper and Kayley felt the familiar sting of tears swelling up in her eyes.

He’s gone…

A pit was forming in her throat and she couldn’t see to stop the onslaught of tears as she crumbled up the piece of paper, tossing it across the bedroom. She wasn’t surprised. Kieran had been outraged when she told him the news… that the thing he desired most, was the one thing she’d never be able to give him.

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The Beginning or the End (via @FaeKayley)

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She woke up to the first rays of the morning sun, slipping over the horizon and filling her room with its warm light. Rolling onto her side, she studies his peaceful face as Kieran sleeps. He really was gorgeous.

She felt horrible when she found out just how lonely he had been. She hadn’t thought he wanted to spend more time out in the Human Realm. She had just assumed that he hated everything about this Realm.

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Ashes to Ashes (via @DemonXDiantha

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The flames in the early morning darkness throw strange shadows across her face. She watches as her life for the past few months crumbles along with the foundation of the house. The house which has become a grave for her child and the man she once loved.

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Coming of Age (via @AubreyArmani)

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Aubrey lay in bed, staring at her sleeping son Atreyu. She pushes his hair away from his face gently and lovingly as she thinks back to her conversation with Quinn the night before.

Quinn had brought up the subject of marriage as they were on their way to pick up Atreyu. He had just surprised Aubrey with a brand new white Range Rover, which is just what she wanted. She had been so happy until she had to explain why the thought of having a wedding scared her.

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