May 3rd: A Day of Dead Reckoning (via Eric And Sookie Lovers)

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Here’s your chance, bookish truebies! Join the fun (and reading masses) over on Eric and Sookie Lovers website to dish, dis and dissect the 11th and newest book in the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mystery series of novels! We plan to!

BTW, in order to be sure we get our copy of Dead Reckoning on the day it is released (3 May, 2011), we have preordered it from both Amazon AND iBooks (as an ebook). Any guesses on which one gets into our hot little hands first?

May 3rd: A Day of Dead Reckoning Hey Eric & Sookie Lovers! 🙂 Youre invited… Weve decided to host an event on May 3rd, in honor of the release date of Dead Reckoning! The 11th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series! Weve declared this day – a worldwide holiday – a day where you sit back, relax and read! Does your schedule not allow this? Call in sick, take the day off from school or work…do whatever you have to do in order to read Dead Reckoning! 😉 (Yes, were a terrib … Read More

via Eric And Sookie Lovers

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  2. sookie is my favorite character in true blood

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