Off-beat scholarships favor the preternatural

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Learning is a life-long pursuit

Paying for college is tough. And if you’re not human, or “real” it can be even tougher. Fortunately there are some scholarships out there that can help the preternatural community and role-players closer the potential financial gap of getting a college education.

Finding the right scholarship takes time and effort. There are many resources available, if you look.

Aristotle Circle, the leading expert network of college admissions counselors and financial aid advisors research the top 15 most unusual college scholarships opportunities for the 2011-2012 academic year. They include:

  1. The Klingon Language Institute $500 KOR Memorial Scholarship (Language study) – deadline 1 June
  2. National Marbles Tournament $5,000 Scholarship
  3. Chick & Sophie Major Duck Calling $1,500 Scholarship
  4. The “Duct Tape” Stuck-on-Prom Scholarship $6,000 per couple
  5. Why Milk’s “SAMMY” $7,500 Scholarship (Scholar-Athlete-Milk-Mustache)
  6. Dr. Seuss’ ‘Oh the Places You Will Go‘ $5,000 Scholarship Closed for 2011 Applications, Winners announced in May
  7. Patrick Kerr $5,000 Skateboard Scholarship
  8. Culinary Institute of America $25,000 Best Apple Pie recipe Scholarship
  9. Parapsychology Foundation’s Scholarship $3,000 (studying paranormal activity) Deadline 15 July.
  10. The Sheep Association’s “Make It With Wool” $2,000 Scholarship
  11. Mycological Society of America $500 Scholarship (study mold/spores/fungus)
  12. Coven of Sacred Waters $500 Scholarship (Amounts vary for Pagans/Wiccans only)
  13. NCTA’s Help Santa Find The Perfect Christmas Tree $10,000 Scholarship
  14. American Association of Candy Technologists $10,000 Scholarship
  15. Icy Frost Bridge Scholarship (for females who sing The National Anthem with sincerity!)

The Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship from the Parapsychology Foundation, Inc. is an annual award of $3,000 designed to assist an undergraduate or graduate student with a demonstrated interest in parapsychology wishing to pursue the academic study of the science of parapsychology at an accredited college or university. The deadline for applying is 15 July. Additional grants and funding may be available for scholars, academics, artists and researchers. Check their website at:

“With college costs at an all-time high and family financial resources stretched to the breaking point, Aristotle Circle has experts to help students find  the right college, while advising them on how to be competitive for merit and need-based scholarships,” explains Aristotle Circle expert Rod Bugarin, former admissions and financial aid director at Columbia University.

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    • There is a distinct difference between non-belief and different beliefs. Non-Judeo-Christians are not necessarily non-believers. Some may be. Others may simply have different beliefs. There is nothing wrong with either.

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