Forbes 15 (Richest Fictional Characters)

In Books, Film, Television, Twilight saga, Urban Legends/FolkTales on 7 April, 2011 at 7:38 pm

The Preternatural Post isn’t the only media covering fictional characters. So, it seems is the venerable Forbes magazine. On 1 April, 2011, Forbes once again revealed the names and brief biographies of 15 of the world’s richest fictional characters.

Topping the list is the top-hat-wearing Scrooge McDuck. Well-known for his penny-pinching ways, McDuck has never abandoned the gold standard so his fortune rises and falls with the price of gold. This year, with gold recording record and near-record prices, the McDuck fortune has soared to an estimated $44.1 billion. That should be plenty to buy his nephews out of trouble.

In second place is, surprisingly, the only vampire to make the list, Carlisle Cullen. We know being a doctor pays well but…to the tune of $36.2 billion? No wonder Edward had diamonds lying around the house and could afford to add one to a charm bracelet for his teenage sweetheart. Eric Northman must have made some bad investments if Cullen managed to amass this much in only 370 years when the 1,000 year old Viking didn’t even make the list.

Ol’ Jed’s not a millionaire anymore. The Clampett fortune has climbed to an estimated $9.5 billion, earning him the Number 5 spot on the list. We’re guessing high oil and fuel prices helped drive up his net worth, but you have to wonder just how long those wells are going to produce for him. At least he avoided any environmental disasters which is more than a lot of oil companies can say.

The only truly preternatural creature to make Forbes’ list, Smaug the dragon, lays claim to the Number 7 spot. Hoarding and out-right theft or dwarvish and human gold and gems have him resting comfortably on an estimated $8.6 billion.

Jolene “Jo” Bennett is the only lady to make the list and she sneaks in at Number 11 with an estimated worth of $1.2 billion. This feisty diva of the boardroom acquired her wealth the old-fashioned way: she worked hard and married it.

In fact, all 15 characters making the list are worth a billion dollars or more this year.

It’s good to see there’s so much money in fiction.

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