Wizard World magazine comes to the iPad

In Books, Games, Shopping on 12 March, 2011 at 8:42 am

Comic con producer and publisher Wizard World, Inc. announced this week the immediate availability of their popular Wizard World magazine to iPad

Wizard World 1.0 Cover

Wizard World Magazine

users via ZaahReader for iPad. The new, and importantly free, reader app Zaah Technologies brings Wizard World magazine’s first looks and news from the world of sci-fi, superhero, fantasy and horror to iPad users everywhere. 


Among the features available to iPad users are:

  • New releases every week
  • Exclusive interactive features
  • Easy, Free in-app downloading of new issues
  • Full Wizard World Magazine content

“Apps like Wizard World are the future of publishing and we’re embracing them,” said Gareb Shamus, CEO of Wizard World, Inc. “Zaah Technologies was the company’s first choice in developing the reader application. We can reach millions of fans worldwide in a more direct way and more frequently, with new issues available on a weekly basis free of charge. The limitations that come with print media no longer exist, and it’s something to be really excited about. “

Wizard World, Inc’s free iPad app is available from the App Store at: Unfortunately, no similar app is available for the iPhone or the iPod Touch.

Zaah Technologies, Inc. is a comprehensive digital agency and maker of popular “games” such as Graffiti Spray Can.

  1. I really don’t get it…Why everybody is so excited about Ipad? Why ipad is better that a notebook?. The laptops are more much more cheapper and they have a lot of extra features. On the Ipad is just shinky. People don’t buy them just because they are cool ask yourself if is useful and is the right price. But in this period is all about marketing…

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