Facebook Bans RP Characters

In General, RP, Technology, vox populi on 1 February, 2011 at 8:07 pm

Facebook has declared war on roleplay characters. Today, Many popular profiles, including those belonging to @BarmaidSookie, @erikleifnorthman, @SookieSC, @TB_PamR, @JStackhouseTB, @VampireSookieSC, @VampHadley and many more creative people found their profiles on Facebook disabled. Many more accounts are likely to be disabled in coming days.

The move was not entirely unexpected. Rumors that Facebook would ban “fake” accounts, that is to say accounts not associated with a legal name or organization, have been circulating for some time. No official warning or notice was given to the owners of these RP accounts. They were simply disabled.

It is interesting to note that the majority of disabled accounts appear to have been accounts having 1500 friends or more. Some had be active for as long as 2 years without any incident. The implication being that Facebook hopes this move will go unnoticed and unreported. Obviously, they do not know role players very well. Numerous smaller role play and even real life (RL) profiles are already being deleted by individuals angered by Facebook’s move against RP characters.

“They said it was because I was a fake acct and that because it’s fake, it could lead to abuse and that they were a ‘real world networking service'” said @VampHadley “Is it because I’m a vampire? Someone needs to call the AVL!”

Role players appear to be the primary targets of the ban and there are hundreds, if not thousands of RPers on Facebook for the company to go after. The question should be asked, however, what comes next? Actors, authors, musicians and anyone else creating under a pseudonym or stage name are also potentially at risk, especially if they have a “personal” FB profile under their real name and another for interacting with their fans. This is a huge disservice to performers/artists/creatives and their fans. One wonders what Facebook was thinking.

Do you have a FB profile? Was it disabled? Will you be deleting it? Share your thoughts and experiences with the Preternatural Post as we continue to cover this breaking news story.

UPDATE: In the Summer of 2011, Google launched Goggle+. Many thought Google+ might be a potential new home for RPers. Sadly, it seems we were wrong…

  1. Actually, I am one of those who have an account under a pseudonym as an administrator for an author. That account right now is disabled. You are correct, no warning was given. Sunday evening I was able to access the account and when I went to log-in yesterday morning, I was denied access. I’ve tried 2 variations on the name and given my reason for the account (as admin for the author and to network with the readers…). I have even confirmed via email they sent (on first attempt to re-enable the account) my email and reason for the account. I have yet to hear back. Supposedly each request is handled on first come first serve basis, with no estimation on when you should hear back from them. It’s quite frustrating, as I have admin access to the author page so I can help manage comments, questions etc. I set up the account to protect my privacy as well as the privacy of the author. I understand not wanting “fake” accounts to support bots/spam, etc, but for those of us who are clearly active and use the pen name to protect our identity and thus our privacy, this is quite simply ludicrous. Not to mention there is no way to actually contact FB directly but for the auto-email they send you to confirm the email and name change.

    • Quite honestly, facebook doesn’t give a crap about your privacy. They sell your information to third party companies and who knows what they do with it? They think that if you’ve got something to hide, then maybe you’ve done something horrible. :/

      • I couldn’t agree more!! Facebook has gone way too far with this!! Role Playing is my life, I used to just play along in others, but now I direct my own!! We Have Rights to do this, it’s life and it is gonna happen even if they delete the accounts, one day I hope they realize what they are doing when they lose their traffic, and myspace or something gets more traffic again…

    • I actually contacted them derectly from email ((using my real account)) Through suggestions for profiles what did I suggest? for them to allow roleplaying…….

  2. This is an issue that potentially impacts thousands of Facebook users, not just role players. I don’t think they thought the issue though fully, especially as it applies to pen/stage names. I don’t think many “public figures” really want to have the world privy to their personal information, by the same token then probably do want to interact with fans and supporters. The “one personal account” rule effectively eliminates that option. It’s a shame.

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  4. I don’t understand what is Facebook doing. It is suppose to be a social network. Well is not role playing also a social network. All we are doing is communicating with each other. Doing no harm to each other. We are having fun. Why do you intend on stopping us. What do you want Facebook to be made of people who are business people and they are networking that way. Trying to get business for their companies. I hope not I love to role play it makes me feel good and happy. It keeps me from being depressed. If Facebook continues to delete only role players I would not want to be a part of the Facebook family.

    • According to FB impersonating anyone is forbidden and that includes celebrities (which I presume is who FB believes RPers are representing themselves as). The problem is at least one account @TB_PamR’s featured a disclaimer stating it was not affiliated in any way with HBO, True Blood, Charlaine Harris or Kristen Bauer van Straten. That would seem to imply she was not intending to impersonate anyone or anything. She was just “pretending” for her own enjoyment and that of her friends. How this is harmful or abusive eludes me, as well.

    • Thing is there are millions of sites for Roleplayers and not many like facebook which has rules against roleplayers, people are ignoring the rules and need this to remind them what site is the correct one for them and it is not facebook. As long as you have a real name, information etc it should be ok. But if you are doing what most are and just using it to roleplay 24/7 then yes facebook would likely be correct in deleting you. Want to roleplay there are other sites I can show you as I also Roleplay but I respect facebook and the rules so I roleplay elsewhere.

      • It isn’t just role-players that are potentially at risk with Facebook’s rules. Potentially anyone who does not use the same name all the time falls afoul of the rules as they are written. This includes performers, artists and authors, who, in my opinion, have legitimate reasons for using names other than the ones they were born with and which many keep as their legal name.

  5. I’m part of a group who’s devoted to FanFiction Writer
    Morgaine Swann and her wonderful tale called “LATE!!!”
    It’s the story of what happened when Merlotte’s waitress
    met and fell in love with Vampire Eric Northman,who’s the
    Sheriff of Area 5 & Owner of Fangtasia,a Vamp bar that’s located in Shreveport,LA.
    “LATE!!!” reffers to what Sookie is~she’s expecting the
    Vampire’s baby~ it’s a wonderful story.
    And there are a group of us who have bonded over this story.We’ve become friends.
    Don’t shut us down. Please.

    • Hopefully you’ve backed up your storyline someplace besides Facebook. I’d suggest LiveJournal or here on wordpress. Both allow a certain amount of interaction as well as space for content. Chances are if one of your group gets banned, all of them will and you will lose your content. Be careful! And good luck! (BTW can you send me the link? It sounds fascinating!)

  6. It is rather frustrating. I do hope Facebook reconsiders.

  7. I have had my account for nearly a year and was one of the victims of the massacre.
    The bad thing is most of the rp’rs I know are home-bound, have illnesses, or need some outlet from real life. It is therapeutic to many and to delete them is just not right. I personally, had permission from my actress to use her pictures and I have splintered so far from the True Blood story lines that the only similarities between my Vetta and the show’s Yvetta are the first name and the actress.
    We are not hurting anyone here… why not go after those who are child predators instead?

    • Twinny! I was hoping that you wouldn’t get hit like I did. I admit it was a shock and the fact that both of us had Natasha’s permission and that she told us that it was great having fans playing her made the deactivation sting that much more.

      I still play, but don’t have a distinguishable name and keep the friend count down now. I’ve watched several of my friends vanish every day and am thankful when I see them bounce right back. There’s no holding us down!

      • Yvetta Upir’!!!! I was wonder what had happened to u. How do I get back in touch with u? I miss the craziness we use to cause.

  8. Wouldn’t FB put something Official if they didn’t want Role players? Just saying. I wonder if it’s just someone attacking others because they don’t like Role Players. It’s something we all should really look into. I really think FB would of said something more official.

  9. It is such a shame that this happened. I had the first account for this character I was role playing from the True Blood Series and it was disabled yesterday. In order for them to enable your account you must provide a valid Goverment Id. So obviously is ALMOST impossible to come through with such request. We, the roleplayers are a big community and we are or were a big number for Facebook. FB wont have as many users now, their lost. Believe it or not, we added quite the high thousands to the FB user list.

    Either way I will always be Alcide-Alpha Herveaux the role player for all the great friends I have made since 2009.

    • You’ll always be the Alpha, Fluffy! 😉

      I got the same thing about having to provide a government issued ID. And as for the friends, I just made sure I found all of you again. I’d miss all of you too pieces if we didn’t get to play once in a while.

  10. I think we should start a petition or something. Or we should build our own roleplaying site! Facebook should leave us all alone. We aren’t harming anyone

  11. My page was lost about a month ago… Yes it was an RP account but it was under my real name. Facebook wouldn’t even consider allowing me to send my ID in though to prove that it was in actuality my account. I do RP a lot and honestly I truly don’t see the harm if we aren’t impersonating people. some have made up their own original characters even. Many have the book author’s approval for the characters that they portray. Some of the authors actually oversee the groups and check on them to make sure they are portraying those characters the way that they were meant to be… Its sad. truly sad that Facebook is doing this. It seems that there has been very little thought put into this decision regarding the implications of it. Celebrities of all kinds would be affected by it. Is that really the impression and publicity that they want? So sad. truly…

  12. I have been watching this happen and have not found any legal avenue for their rules let alone what they do to peoples accts… i have lost my acct 2 times now and it is crazy that you have no real person to contact other than and that doesnt guarantee that you will get your acct back- but you can back up your acct to your email addy just go to your acct settings and back up do it quickly if you still have your accts and make sure your pics and threads are protected

  13. If they really dont want roleplayers to become part of the community, then I agree with Eva. Make some kind of thing in the FAQ section when someone joins. It’s ridiculous. Twitter also has its share of roleplayers as well. Its just irritating. I have my own group, non-author related. I write with a couple people and I’m starting to take precautions. Hopefully nothing will end up happening with them. I wish there was away to contact those ‘in charge’ to put a stop to this.

  14. I’m a role player too but that’s not why I’m mad…

    I had a friend I worked with come to me one day and say “Hey I requested to be your friend on FB.” I said “Huh? I’m not on facebook…? (I was only on MySpace at the time). Turns out they took my info and started a profile from MySpace to get numbers and now they want to delete people for being fake? Really? And deleting real people like authors…come on…if you have over 500 Million dollars buy more servers and get over it…like Yvetta said go after the child predators…

  15. They do state that you have to be a real person and use your real name. the simple fact of the matter is, when you roleplay you run the risk of copyright infringement. And if FB did not take steps to keep roleplayers off their site, they in turn could be at risk as well. Yes, it sucks! I myself have 6 roleplay accounts. FB is really wasting thier time, because roleplayers are stubborn. they just recreate under a different name. And how do they really know you are a roleplayer? People have some strange names these days. They’ll delete a Stormi Chase.. and she’ll be an actual person. 🙂

    • They actually deleted a real person claiming that she was impersonating Prince Williams fiance’. The only similarity was the name. She had a bit of a fight to get her account back.

  16. […] news that Facebook is disabling role playing accounts is spreading. Some people many be wondering just how a role player differs from a […]

  17. Its facebook I had my first acct deactivated due to false shit but along with my rp my REAL LIFE FAMILY N KIDS N INFO WAS ON IT, I WROTE FB AND WARNED TO REINSTATE IT, I PRETTY MUCH GOT IGNORED

  18. Violet Lady-Panthera :
    Yvetta Upir’!!!! I was wonder what had happened to u. How do I get back in touch with u? I miss the craziness we use to cause.

    Violet!!! *tackle hugs and tickles* Silly, willy.. you have me on your friends list again. tee hee I’m just a bit dark and twisted now. 😉 I’ll email you.

  19. I am a roleplayer and I have used this as a creative outlet. The group that I helped to create does not stray from the book series. We pride ourselves in being one of the only groups of this kind that sticks to the books. Many of the players, including myself, use roleplaying as an outlet to get away from the crazyness of our daily lives. I know that if I were to lose my account, I would be utterly devastated. We have lost two, so far. We are bracing ourselves to lose more.. So, for now I am just recommending that everyone download their profiles. It is a useful tool and very helpful when you need to create a new account.

    Best of luck to you all.

  20. There may be noticeably a bundle to know about this. I assume you made sure nice points in options also.

  21. There are so many people upset about the ban on the role players and I am one of those upset people.
    I am just myself and I like to role play with the role players. I have a facebook to connect with my friends but, sometimes it’s just fun to get away from the hard times in reality and play in a fantasy.
    I don’t understand why this is such a big issue.

    I also don’t think it’s fair in a society that is not well off, to take away something that we enjoy and consider fun just to a get away from reality,for a few hours of our lives. I don’t find any harm in role players at all.
    If there is an issue people can just block them. Isn’t that why the block button is there?
    This is a social network and isn’t role playing a way to socialize?

    I think role players are just trying to have fun and make our lives somewhat more interesting.
    I just don’t understand what the big deal is, also a thought. What about all those people who have pen names, fan pages, ect, but the account is officially them? I really think they should reconsider before going on a deleting binge. I do enjoy facebook and all the fun and free perks that it has to offer. But I also think that they should reconsider thinking about this thoroughly, before they delete any more accounts, please.

  22. […] It’s easier to identify dopplegangers when they use an unusual name (this appears to be how Facebook identified many role-players to ban). Unfortunately, being unique doesn’t really protect your name. Other people can, and will, […]

  23. […] let’s talk Facebook, the gorilla in the room and not entirely because of its efforts to remove RP characters from its ranks. In March 2011, the Web Business blog reported that, while the average user only […]

  24. One of my six accounts has been deleted and yes, it was a role play account. I find this to be EXTREMELY unfair. Who’s to say that role players can’t communicate and come together on a SOCIAL network? This is absolutely ridiculous! All of the people that I would role play with everyday…gone. All of my role play friends that I had out-of-character conversations with about life and such…gone. This is an outrage. Will I be deleting my other accounts? No…I can’t do that. I have met so many wonderful people through facebook roleplay and I do not wish to stop. However, every time an account is deleted, friends lose communication with each other. I will never be able to become in-contact with my role play friends, again (due to common names of character, it would be nearly impossible to find exactly who I am looking for). Facebook needs to realize that role playing (for some, if not most) is a way to escape the stress and pain of the real word and just for a while, trade it in for something better. There are people on this website doing far worse things than role playing. I hope that they stop…not when all role play accounts have been disabled, but when they realize that what they are doing is hurting the many people who have “real” accounts on this site. Sincerely, just another facebook role player.

  25. I personally have three rp accounts, and I’m extremley worried about having them deleted. My entire group except me and one other have been deleted and needed to reinstate their accounts.

    But what’s worse is that the petitions to allow roleplay on FB are being targeted. They’re deleting everyone on the list. Hello, first ammendmant? Free Speech?

  26. Wow… I guess I’m the next victim.

  27. well im an angel rp so guess im safe but still this is BS> and any FB dumbass staff try to delete me, they will burn. so here my warning. Keep me on, or you’ll go to hell. Have a holy day 😛

  28. I think what they are doing is wrong. They can make another website that is still facebook but for role play characters. Making people leave facebook by force isn’t because they do role play isn’t right! Let them do what they want to! There isn’t a lot of role playing websites they can go to. Is there a real logical reason to disable people’s account if they role play? If there is please tell me because I would love to see the reasons.

    • I thought that the people that program facebook were more better than this. Why are they doing this? Is it just because they don’t want role players on their website, or is it that they just don’t like role players? Does facebook really have a logical reason for this? I have to agree with Tiffany that what they are doing is darn straight wrong. I will fight in this war, and role players will win this war. Programers of facebook should be more mature than this and just let role players be role players.

  29. I’m done nothing wrong if you guys take my account away your taking my life and new friend I meet away (starts crying) this is not fair I had this account for 3 or 5 years and now you guys are going to take my account away after I meet so many nice friends just please don’t take my friends and family away they mean everything to me if they are taking away I have nothing left

  30. It’s hard to blame role-players for wanting to stay anonymous…just look at what happened with the PlayStation Network. Now imagine if along with gamers names, addresses and credit cards, hackers also knew maiden names, names of schools and other personal details that could be used to verify identities…and Facebook is saying RPers are potential risks?

  31. Myspace sucked, so we left.
    Arn’t RPers people too?
    Do we NOT have feelings?
    What gave them the right?

    True, we may not show our ‘real face, names, etc.’
    But is that so wrong?
    who’s to deny a gathering of fans?
    “Real People”
    ….are we not real, too?
    Who are they to decide we are not?

  32. […] that would drive role players to, Jaiku, Qaiku, Ohawo or Woondy. Facebook is obviously not an RP option, either. Fortunately, Twitter doesn’t require users to prove they are “real […]

  33. -.- I too was one that was disabled.
    My RP’s were Maya Bennett , AND Mia Rp Jones . Apparently they were disabled yesterday. I met some wonderful people on roleplay and now, guess what. I cant contact them because of this act. This is NOT fair to roleplayers . And My Maya Bennett was the first and official . Facebook , it is NOT fair to do this. Apparently, I’m Better friends with people I roleplay with. Please, all of my roleplay friends and I have been disbaled . And we want it BACK! NOW!

  34. […] that only “real” people be allowed to have profiles on the social networking giant (see Facebook Bans Role-Players). the first finding is that although sexual offender and students frequent similar social […]

  35. Failbook is at it again today; my almost-1-year old “Envy Adams” Scott Pilgrim account with 2000 friends was wiped out. I was never engaged in any wrong-doing…in fact, I was also friends with a large number of non-RPer’s…met a lot of cool people… and they’d get a big kick out of me leaving “happy birthday” greetings on their walls. Now I can’t create a new account without submitting a cell phone number for verification. Don’t tell me this is about security and safety – captchas and security questions to deter spambots were good enough..this is about data mining. I would hope Google+ would kick FB’s ass, but they’re now engaged in the same verification BS. Time to find another alternate forum for RPing.

    • Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, Facebook seems to go in fits and spurts when it comes to RPer deletions. The best option, if you want to stay with/start over on Facebook, appears to be creating a fan page but the limits on what you can do from one of those are annoying. Other options include Tumblr and Live Journal, depending on how you like to interact.

  36. I just don’t understand, my boyfriend isn’t any under this category. Why would they just go and delete his account for no reason? He’s doesn’t even own a RP account..

    • You would have to ask Facebook, however, it could be any number of reasons from sharing a name with a character to violating one of their rules. The message he gets when he tries to sign in should give you a clue as to what the problem might be and whether there is a way to resolve it.

  37. This is just stupid and unfair! Rp-ers haven’t done anything wrong and many of my friends pages have been deactivated wrongfully. Rp-ers aren’t doing anything that affects Facebook directly and we are just doing rp to have fun.

  38. deleteding roleplayers without a good reason is utter bullshit. We have every right to rp on face book =/ i can understand deleting the ones who don’t listen to the stuff like “no nuditiy/sex/ect” when they rp, but why deleted the ones who dont rp that way.

  39. I find this to be pretty ridiculous.

    Sure, there are other sites to roleplay on, I guess….but I find that it’s a lot better on facebook, to be honest. You can pretty much make it like the account DOES belong to your character, with pictures, information, interests, etc.

    Also, the interaction is easy, and clear. You can roleplay through messages, chat, or comments.

    But what I’m most worried about is my “actual” facebook account. I set my name as funky things for the fun of (Rainbow Nyan Cat at the moment), and I’m worried facebook will delete my account. However, I don’t even have 40 friends…so I shouldn’t get targeted….

    Either way, I don’t see how roleplayers are doing anything wrong. If anything, they’re only impersonating fictitious characters, and the facebook FAQ on ‘reporting an impostor profile’ is very vague, and seems to only be about ‘real’ people. So facebook is out of line for doing this.

    If I get deleted- then whatever. I’m done with facebook. I’ll go somewhere else where I don’t have to be limited to one account as a ‘real’ person. Because my name dictates whether or not I’m a REAL person, you know.

  40. Mark Zuckerburg: I’m trying to make the world a more open place by helping people connect and share.

    My response: *cringes*

  41. D: I was looking through one of my friends lists, and my gaming profile (for a page and for playing games on FB) was deleted and banned. I hadn’t logged in for quite a while, but it was my only connection to certain people whom I didn’t want on my main profile’s friend’s list. I didn’t even RP at all! They just banned me. Because the name didn’t sound… “Real”? Or how are they doing that? Because a friend in another country whom IS using his real name got banned as well, for no reason with no warning.

    What are they doing? Going through the SS database (and the forging databases that serve the same purpose as SS) to find every legally registered name? I think it’s wrong. How do they know what is or is not someone’s real name? People now a days are naming their kids a LOT of retarded stuff, like “apple” and whatnot. Will people with out of the ordinary names be banned too?

    And what happened to “Never give out your real name, address, phone number, or location to ANYONE on the internet”? Are the admins on Facebook retarded? What about those of us whom wish to keep certain things, such as the aforementioned, private, so that, as an example, we don’t have someone stalk us down and possibly kill us?

    We have a legal right to privacy, and that INCLUDES being allowed to register accounts online under a fake name, and not having to give our cell phone number to a site in order to actually use our accounts. (Seeing as FB asked me for my cell number before I could even use my account… And I had to go out and get a cell phone!) They are breaking the “rules” that we call “common sense” and possibly even some laws.

    I’ve always hated Facebook since it came out, but this sickens me. Between sites making their members have to PAY to use the site (Such as Foopets did a while back) and banning people because they don’t have a legally registered name (such as Facebook is doing now) is outrageous. It needs to be stopped. We, as the people, need to do something. Or maybe the intent that these websites have now is to make the internet die. Maybe they want us to stop using it all together. But either way, they have no right to do anything that they are currently doing, and they infringe upon our legal rights.

  42. […] be a safe haven for role-players, think again. The hot new social network has learned nothing from Facebook, except how to count really high, it […]

  43. Well that sucks…….. I don’t think facebook realizes that almost no one uses their real name they may use real info but not their real name if someone is roleplaying it doesn’t mean they’re fake at all……… Does the facebook team even know what roleplaying is? I’m sure they do I’m sure they’ve heard of it and I’m sure they know how much it means to us roleplayers I’m actually taking a stand asking them to allow roleplaying ((on my rl account which is Kimberly Kerr)) I listed why they should be glad roleplayers choose facebook out of the other sites we have to choose from people like facebook because it’s the easiest site to roleplay on and it never gets boring unless people aren’t online xD I gave them an opinion I won’t say until it’s been accepted hopefully it will. The down side is all the roleplayers getting disabled people miss them because half of them didin’t even deserve to be disabled I’ve actually learned ways to keep roleplay accounts safe by adding your real middle name to your rp name your full real name in the alternate name box real birthdate and day doesn’t have to be the real year hide it if you want be as nice as you can to people even if they piss you off because from what I know Facebook doesn’t bother with roleplay accounts UNLESS someone reports them for being fake who does this? PEOPLE WHO DON’T ROLEPLAY! so it’s best to stay AWAY from people who don’t roleplay unless they are nice to you most aren’t most tease and harrass roleplayers and report them I know from past rp accounts getting disabled………… ((Visit my Facebook Profile RP and RL accounts and add em’ both))

    • WELL I HAVE TO SAY NOW ! FB ADMINS ARE BEING A PEST TO RPLAYERS ON A WHOLE! the fact remain the rights of rp are being limited not to show or express the talent or views on face book is one thing but to band rplayer on a fake name bias is just stupid, and they say it’s for so called security reasons MY ! ASS!
      i have friends on-line other rplayers who says the same thing.If the owner decides on giving his name it a mater of freedom of choice and besides when signed up for fb you have to give that information up front!.Is only after when you logged into fb you can changed or edit your name and
      what give fb to decide if his/her name is fake or not ?
      i have friends who legally change there name to there rplayer name because it’s suits them.
      it’s very stupid of fb to actually think this way to rplayers and unfair to upcoming rplayers on line and also an injustice to delete your account with out a valid excuse.
      i agree with Jessie Márie Pride
      most the people who don’t rplay do not understand us and that make them do stupid things with out thinking (as i repeat DO STUPID THINGS WITH OUT THINKING ! i never call anyone stupid *) like reporting them for good reason
      fb should revalue there policy on rplayers on a whole and THINK HARD ON IT !
      if i had to give them an idea they should make a net work for rplayers only where rules don’t comply.if it’s us rplayers are such a pest to them or for other people

  44. Actually,one can create a public page for which ever fictional character they’d like,because facebook does allow that.
    You can create public pages as long as you clearly specify whether it is a artist/musician/actor/author/fictional character/community/product/service etc type of page.Whatever you promote,it has to be clearly specified.That,while having a real account as well.Facebook is a wonderful websites,it has rules,but so does every society you might ever be part of.Facebook does not forbid fun.It allows it.But in private,you have to stay real.
    Because Facebook was created with the purpose of being a real world online,not meant for “fake accounts”.Get your facts right and don’t bash facebook if you don’t even know a damn thing about it.
    Peace xx

    • This post was originally published in 2011. At the time, Pages were far more limited than they are in 2014. Even now, the functionality of Pages versus Profiles is different and Pages have fewer of the capabilities RPers use than individual Facebook Profiles. Further, Facebook clearly states that members must use the name that appears on their drivers license or other official government issued ID which can present problems for those who use professional names or pseudonyms as well as those who have spent years building online personas which are more recognizable than their real names (and the alternate name feature does not resolve all the issues around those). I suggest, before you take us to task for getting our facts straight that you do the same. I also suggest a typing class and grammar and spelling apps.

      • I guess you are an RPr,are you not?Again,facebook has its rules.If you don’t like it,I suggest you go to a website created specially for RP.

      • Actually, I am a published author who uses pseudonyms and has for more than 20 years. One is the name I am known and recognized by but NOT my legal name nor does it appear on my passport or drivers license.

        And again, this article was published 3 years ago. It was accurate when it was written. The functionality of Pages has improved dramatically since they were introduced, however, they still do not have the same capabilities as an individual profile.

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