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German True Blood, Lost in Translation

In Entertainment, Television, True Blood on 31 January, 2011 at 7:28 pm

Since most of you are Americans or from a land/state/planet that speaks mostly English, I thought it would be nice to inform you, how much we
Germans f***** up the dubbing of True Blood.

First of all, there are NO accents in the German version! Which makes the whole thing really plain, mostly when you saw all three seasons in English.
Now to the voices:

  • Eric´s German voice is also the voice of Dean from “Supernatural” and he sounds whiny (or as we say “Gay-Underwear-Model” no offense!!!)
  • Lafayette’s German voice is Turk from “Scrubs” nothing more to say to this, right?
  • Tara is still kick ass but in a very soft way. She hardly use the word “F***” or any other rated word like she does in english.
  • Arlene sounds like a MILF from a trashy porn-movie (I will not answer who got me that quote)
  • Godric has the voice of a 38 year old man, while Eric sounds like a little boy. I guess the producers from the dubbing company got a bit confused while choosing the speakers.
  • Jessica sounds like a trashy brat (that is around 45 years old) …and who´s drunk.
  • Sookie, Jason, Bill, Russel and the rest are quite ok, but nothing compared to the original.

Sadly, most of the stuff was translated 1:1, so it sounds out of line and makes hardly any sense and/or sounds old fashion, but not in a good way.

is translated “Bürgerlich” which means civil. Ok, civil isn´t such a bad word, but sounds very weird in that context.

got the best German name ever “Unke” To translate this word the easy way would be “toad” but the word Unke is mostly used in old fairy-tales for a really fat-bad-ass-toad. So it’s NOT cool. For the word “V” they used the German version of the letter V. Which sounds wrong for using it as a drug name, cause the sound of the letter is also the German word for peacock.

The AVL (American Vampire League) is almost correct. Mostly we use the word league for football (soccer for all you Americans out there). Also NOT COOL!

Sadly we don´t have the Sookeh and Behl thing in Germany, something I really really miss.

Fun facts:

Russel CAN´T speak German. He´s mumbling something weird and it took me several minutes to find out what the hell that guy was yelling at Sookie.

For everyone who still does not know what he said in the Season Three Finale, here´s the translation: “I warn you, I´m gonna rip your heart out you stupid b****.”

Also a little thing that made me laugh was when I read an interview with Kristin Bauer van Straten about her role as Pam. Here the part:

“After every Swedish take, I look at him, and he sort of nods. Once, he went and saw the footage. I said, “How was I? Was my Swedish good?” He said, “No. You sound like a Russian prostitute.” Of course, the comeback line was, “How would you know?” but I thought of it months later. In fact, I think someone else thought of it. But after every take, I go, “Russian prostitute? Or am I near the border of Sweden?”

After hearing Eric speaking German, I have to stay “Russian prostitute yourself, Mister” that scene cracked me up and is still the most quoted scene in our household ever since.

Let’s wait for Season Four and what my fellow German co-workers will do to make me laugh again.

Written by Ilka Richards


True Blood Season Four Teaser

In Entertainment, Shape Shifters, Television, True Blood, Vampires, Wizards/Witches/Pagans on 31 January, 2011 at 3:36 pm

Yes, those of us who have read the books or even just read sneaks about the upcoming Season Four of True Blood are fully aware this season is ALL about the witch!

While the teaser itself leaves nothing to be desired to those of us who are not only Truebie Fanatics, but also fans of the books. It is a clever way to tease those that are still perpetually in the dark.

What all can we expect to happen this upcoming season? Loads of details and sneaks have been flooding the Twitter streams for months. It is confirmed someone will lose their memory. Hallow will make her grand debut and of course, last season’s break out star, Joe Manganiello (AKA Alcide Herveaux) will be returning as a season regular.

Missed out on HBO’s Teaser Commercial? Here it is for your viewing enjoyment!

Tweetdropping and Storylines

In How To/Advice, RP, Twitter on 31 January, 2011 at 8:39 am

No matter what we say, we all do it. We watch the stream, something catches our eye and before you know, we’ve commented on it publicly. It’s called tweetdropping.

Tweetdropping poses an interesting dilemma in the Twitterverse. After all, we are here to be seen, read and talked to. None of us perform our storylines (SL) in a vacuum. We all like to make new friends and have our egos stroked by fans.

And yet…

Tweetdropping, like eavesdropping, is rude.

I’m not talking about reading and following here. I’m talking about those unsolicited interjections, be they just a comment or an attempt to worm, uninvited, into an SL. It’s a bad habit that can earn you enemies faster than vampspeed.

Yet without it, we’d never make friends.

The trick is not interrupting.

Take a few minutes to check your stream and/or review the other person’s timeline. It’s pretty obvious when people are in a SL, even if they are one of those people, like me, who is always in character. If they are in an SL, you can still comment, just don’t expect an answer.

There are some SLs and activities that should not be interrupted. Sex, for instance. And murder. Torture, too. Interrupting a vampire feeding, a shifter changing form or a witch casting a spell is also bad form. Beyond being rude, these interruptions can be dangerous. Just don’t do it.

Beyond these activities, tweetdrop at your own risk. Understand this, however: some people hate being interrupted, others don’t mind it. If you do tweetdrop, try not to be too pushy and don’t get upset if the other person doesn’t respond immediately or ever. Remember, you are being rude and they do not owe you a response, no matter how close you are.

Now get out there and tweet! Just be careful who you mention….

Once Bitten Winter Ball

In RP, Twitter on 30 January, 2011 at 7:18 pm


6 P.M. CST
Friday, Feb. 11, 2011
Silent Shore Hotel
Dallas, TX


DM @SookieSC



To Love the Doodle

In Blogs, RP, Twitter on 30 January, 2011 at 6:30 pm

It has come to my attention that many of you are unaware of just what greatness is in your presence. I am a perfect specimen of the male gender. In fact, I am so wonderful that there are days when I just get lost in my own reflection. *sighs lovingly and blows his reflection a kiss, mouthing “I love you” and winking*

Anyways… that is neither here nor there. Today’s topic is *drum roll* My Doodle! *smiles proudly* Few have been lucky enough to experience my doodle. But several have been graced with it’s magnificence weekly at Hooligan’s. So here are a few things you should know about my lovely doodle:

To Love the Doodle - News Bite To Love the Doodle - News Bite


  1. Yes, it is real. *smirks* No plastic surgery or medicinal stimulates needed.
  2. You should admire it. Worship it even. It’s gorgeous and many have died just trying to get to touch it.
  3. NO VAGGIES ALLOWED. My doodle is only for use with those who have doodles… especially the beautiful tall, blonde Viking *sighs dreamily*
  4. EVERYONE should have a mold, statue, replica of my doodle.
  5. The replica of my doodle can have many uses! So be original and see how many different ways you can enjoy it!
  6. Love my doodle! I love my doodle, several times a day…

I’m sure I can come up with some much needed knowledge about my doodle to share with you guys. But for now… There you go!

To Love the Doodle - News Bite

Written by Claude Crane

The Joys of Entertainment

In Blogs, RP, The Fae on 29 January, 2011 at 3:54 pm

Why do I dance at my club? *smirks as I gesture down my perfectly sculpted body. Knowing your eyes are lingering as you follow my hand and admire me* You know why. Look at me. I am doing the world a service by allowing it the privilege to see something so perfect. *nods with a serious look on my face* I know. I am often mistaken for being an Angel. But I’m not. I am Fae.

*waits as you chuckle over the irony of me being male, gay and a real life Fairy*

Seriously, your jokes are unamusing. Just because I have the better sense to stay away from *cringes* girly parts, doesn’t make me any less of a man or the ultimate specimen of perfection. Because trust me, I am all man and all perfection. *smirks*

I think I will end this blog on that note. I don’t want to give away all my wonderful qualities in the first trait. *hearty laugh* As if anyone could ever truly tire or bore from just admiring how gorgeous I am. Til next time.

Sexy Fairy Out!


Written by Claude Crane

The Thing About Kieran (via Kayley’s Fairy Tale)

In Blogs, RP, The Fae on 23 January, 2011 at 3:52 pm

Slipping into the warm water, Kayley waded towards the center of the pool. The water leaving her flesh tingling as she draws power from it. The heat from the water evident in the cool air around her. Relaxing, she slowly continues to wade in the warm water for a moment or two before floating on her back. The night sky full of hundreds of twinkling stars mesmerizing her as her mind wanders to thoughts of him… to Kieran.

Read the entire post here.

via Kayley’s Fairy Tale

Defining Characteristics of a TBRP Vampire (via PamsPlace)

In Pam's Proprietary Page on 19 January, 2011 at 12:52 pm

Vampires are wonderful creatures. Parasitical in nature (they survive by drinking the blood of living humans), the development of synthetic blood in the middle of the first decade of the 21st Century allowed vampires to “come out of the coffin” and declare their existence to the world. They were the first of the supernatural species to do so. Although they had been living among the human population or at the fringes of it for millennia, going public did not go smoothly everywhere. In the Middle East and South America, many vampires were destroyed. The countries most accepting of vampire existence are the U.S., Germany, Britain and Japan.

Read the entire post here.

via Pam’s Place

Killer Sun

In RP, Twitter, Vampires on 12 January, 2011 at 6:40 am

There is a killer among us.

Accused Murderer still at large

According to international (human) authorities, vampire Sun Blood (now @SevsSunshine), drained the 14-year-old daughter of Italy’s Minister of Defense. No trial, human or vampire, has been held, leaving many questions unanswered. Some believe Sun is innocent. Authorities, however, seem confident of her guilt and are seeking the alleged murderess, who escaped from Italian custody late last year. No trial date has been set.

The accused recently sat down with reporters from the Preternatural Post to tell her side of the story. It goes something like this:

One night, Sun, who was vacationing in Italy at the time, went out to a club. Hardly an unusual thing for a tourist to do although she didn’t select a club known for catering to tourists. On this particular night, Sun chose to go to an underground club. The kind of illicit affair that caters to the needs and desires of vampires and their devotees. Such clubs have sprung up wherever vampires hold even a minimal place in society. It was there she would encounter her victim.

Sun claims the girl was sent into the club specifically to entice her by someone who knew exactly what she would find irresistible. The girl’s ID said she was old enough to be there. Her scent, apparently told a different story, one Sun found compelling but didn’t bother to read fully.
Instead, after a brief flirtation the two left the club together, heading for the secluded villa Sun was using as a daytime retreat.

Alleged vampire victim

The two, presumably, did what two people do after they leave a club together. This is presumed action because Sun says she can’t recall everything that happened.

She remembers drinking from the girl. But claims she didn’t take enough to kill her. Nonetheless, the human was dead when authorities burst in and found them.

It was only later, after friends and connections, some in very high places, helped her escape that Sun discovered who the real murderer was. Unfortunately, it seems their testimony is unavailable to help clear her name.

That’s Sun’s story and she’s sticking to it.

What really happened in that villa in Rome may never be known. There are problems with both version’s of events. Sun’s tale of passing out and amnesia is far-fetched for a vampire since no known chemicals would affect her. The official version also has problems, notably how the underage daughter of a prominent official could get into an underground vampire club and who tipped them of to the situation. Without definitive proof, Sun is likely to be hunted for the rest of her existence, which in itself may be justice for the loss of a human life…eventually.

Anyone with information regarding the crime is encouraged to contact Italian authorities (human or vampire).

How to be oblivious (Drama Avoidance 101)

In How To/Advice, RP, Twitter on 9 January, 2011 at 2:12 pm

There has been a lot of drama it the RP Twitterverse lately. This is hardly surprising, since without drama, most of us would have long since gone away. Done properly (in character and as part of a storyline), it’s fun to read and participate in. It’s when it spills over into the personal, in or out of character, that it becomes problematic.

Personal drama is not fun. It’s not fun to watch and it certainly is not fun to be part of. The best advice is to avoid it or ignore it. This is easier said than done, sometimes. It is, however, possible to remain outside the fray. You just have to be oblivious or seem to be.

Here are a few tips for avoiding drama:

1.  Focus on yourself. Sure, it sounds egotistical, but let’s face it, the only behavior any of us have any control over is our own.  Focus your attention on what you are doing and saying, not what someone or everyone else is.

2.  Spend most of your time in your mentions (@s) and following a select list of others and SLs. Obviously the people who talk to you should get most of your attention. Well-executed SLs also merit your attention, whether you are involved with them or not.

3. Judge people on what they say/how they act to you. This is easier if you stay hidden in your mentions (@s) and DMs. The stream can get wild and busy. It is extremely easy to take something out of context. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if it isn’t said to you (using your @) it isn’t meant for you…even if it is. (The exception to this rule is notices from group accounts regarding rules, new members or SLs.)

4. Blogs, twitlongers, websites, Facebook pages and anything else associated with an RP character should remain in character. This does not mean you can’t comment on things happening around Twitter or even IRL just that you should keep the comments in character.

5.  What is said offline (in IMs or DMs or emails or phone conversations or whatever other form of personal conversations you may have), stays offline. NO EXCEPTIONS! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT repeat what you are told in private conversations, period but especially do not do it onstream or in a public way. EVER.

No doubt you’ve noticed that this list does not include the familiar saws “treat others the way you want to be treated” or “don’t say anything if you can’t say something nice”. “Don’t take it personally” isn’t really included either unless you consider it as part of #3. There is a reason for that. It’s because we’ve all heard them. We all say that is how we are behaving.

If it were, there wouldn’t be unscripted, personal drama onstream.

So let’s be honest. We treat others the way we want to treat them. We say mean things, sometimes intentionally. We do take things personally. We invest a great deal of ourselves in these characters, whether original or cannon. It hurts when someone doesn’t like them, or they get into fights, or they just get ignored. Pretending we don’t is silly. But, and this is a very big but (pun so intended), what we don’t see can’t hurt us.

Being largely oblivious is one way to avoid the drama and getting hurt. It doesn’t stop it. It just sets it at one remove. Which is far better than being in the center of a drama storm.